Who are the semi-finalists?

The Tournament of Champions and the CSN Trivia Challenge is held twice during course of the calendar year: once in the summer (May-August) and once in the winter (November-February). For each month during the tournament the team with the highest total cumulative score at each venue is crowned the monthly semi-finalist for that venue. The first week of September and March are semi-finals week for the summer and winter tournaments. The semi-finalists will face-off during this week at their normal trivia venue, with the winning team advancing as a finalist and representing that venue at the Tournament of Champions finals. Additionally, if the venue is a CSN venue, then the winning team will also represent that venue at the CSN Trivia Challenge finals.

For exact dates and times of semi-finals week and the finals - follow these links: Tournament of Champions and CSN Trivia Challenge.

The Winter 2017 Semi-Finalists:

Venue November December January February
Bier Baron Table 3 vs The Volcano (1162) Table 3 vs The Volcano (881) Table 3 vs The Volcano (1088) TBD
Chads - - - TBD
Highline RxR Porn & Fashion (1199) Fail (912) Fail (1003) TBD
Kelly's Irish Times Six Seasons and a Movie (1006) - - -
Looney's Pub (College Park) Trump University Quiz Bowl Team (461) Team RamRod (225) Just the Tip (276) TBD
O'Sullivan's (Herndon) - - Space Husbands (472) TBD
Ragtime Cobalt Bagel (1310) Jeff Goldblum's Fly (541) Cobalt Bagel (1088) TBD
Redwood Dick Cheney's Hunting Club (663) Monstars (391) Tracy and Jim (406) TBD
RFD Washington Get Schwifty (881) Go Blue! (1140) Go Blue! (628) TBD
World of Beer (Rockville) Quiz In My Pants (1174) SMRT (1068) SMRT (1179) TBD
51st State Russian Anti Doping Agency (620) - Atlas Chugged (574) TBD
Acre 121 The Occularists (1410) The Occularists (1172) The Occularists (1268) TBD
Atlas Brew Works NoMads (904) Social Lubricators (829) Social Lubricators (846) TBD
Branded '72 Won't You Be Our Neighbor (1052) Won't You Be My Neighbor (839) Won't You Be Our Neighbor (916) TBD
Breakers Sky Lounge Older Budweiser (1040) Dom Zero (472) Older Budweiser (709) -
Exiles Bar Steve Burns + the Struggle (906) Duffy's Refugees in Exile (716) Prosecuties (1097) TBD
Hanaro Work Hard Twerk Hard (814) Work Hard Twerk Hard (432) Highlanders (897) TBD
Justin's Cafe Chupacabra (770) Crazy Outside People (267) Chupacabra (1038) TBD
Laughing Man Tavern Klinsman Out, Klansman In (489) Hoosier People (421) Large Print Paperback Friend Diction (501) TBD
Mad Fox (Falls Church) Moose Killers (422) Moose Killers (733) Moose Killers (1162) TBD
Mister Days Les Quizerables (565) Le Tits Now (517) Cotton is My Material Weakness (930) TBD
Penn Social GNO (1138) GNO (910) GNO (1342) TBD
Public Bar Rural Jurors (531) Dream Team (371) Rural Jurors (985) TBD
Rhodeside Grill Snatch Posse (1016) Oakland Fire Sale! (436) Snatch Posse (1211) TBD
Tommy Joe's (Kentlands) Team 2 (212) Han Shot First (273) Spotted Salamanders (537) TBD
Tortoise and Hare Titty Glitter (456) Frisky (440) Titty Glitter (719) -
World of Beer (Ashburn) Areola 51 (925) A Team Has No Name (734) The Fajita Incident (777) TBD
World of Beer (Ballston) Rhymes with Punt (1100) Caitlin's Failing Organs Fund (722) Poundsign Poundsign (967) TBD
World of Beer (C'ville) The 65's (1283) Working Title (760 The 65's (1183) TBD
World of Beer (Fairfax) See You Next Tuesday (1076) Don't Quiz On My Face (638) Don't Quiz On My Face (966) TBD
World of Beer (Reston) Feel the Felt (1145) Feel the Felt (494) Boobies & Boners (1065) TBD
Bier Baron At Least We Have Trivia (436) Quizzy McGuire (636) The Very Virile Vikings TBD
The Big Stick Drinking Team with a Trivia Problem (867) Nick Fain's Bigger Stick (803) Drinking Team with a Trivia Problem (1016) TBD
Brickside Trivia Bear (984) Trivia Bear (1137) Trivia Bear (1176) TBD
Buffalo Billiards Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash (896) Erectoral College (239) Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash (741) TBD
Courthaus Social Katie and the (776) I Drank So Much Eggnog I Pissed My Pence (634) And In First Place, Better Late Than Pregnant (874) TBD
Irish Channel (Chinatown) Faithless Electors (614) Rogue Won (1041) All Hail the Coming of Cheetolini (1030) TBD
King Pinz The Fajita Incident (358) Panther Juice (55) In The Name of Dan (232) TBD
Looney's Pub (College Park) Wolf Pack (815) Wolf Pack (254) Wolf Pack (850) TBD
Mad Fox (Glover Park) - Shrek's Dank Kush (242) Putin Nanny (368) TBD
Meridian Pint Ruppert Mundys (705) Ruppert Mundys (771) Ruppert Mundys (1096) TBD
O'Sullivan's (Clarendon) - Bing Bong, Bing Bong! (399) Team T.T. (894) TBD
P.J. Mulligan's Public House Have You Been Casting Accio, Because I've Been Cumming to You All Night (696) Stir That Poi (868) Stir That Poi (866) TBD
The Prospect Teaming with Deplorables (685) Business Casual (371) Big Motha Truckas (892) TBD
Smoke & Barrel Sparkling Meatz (452) ! Deez Beez ! (829) Turner, Hooch, and Garfunkel (1182) TBD
St. Arnold's Table 3 vs the Volcano (986) Table 3 vs the Volcano (1116) Table 3 vs the Volcano (1172) TBD
The Board and Brew The Hot Janes (1102) Pancake Pirates (1127) Pancake Pirates (1205) TBD
Bulldog Tavern Clam and the Blowfish (540) Table 403 (249) Octopus (328) TBD
Mellow Mushroom WYTAW (427) WYTAW (524) - -
Mister Days High School Prom (1219) High School Prom (1265) High School Prom (1322) TBD
Roofers Union The East Compton Clovers (980) Always in Third (246) Always in Third (839) TBD
Tommy Joe's (Bethesda) Bill's Pills: How Bill Got his pussy back (825) The Little Cheese That Could (983) The 69ers (1164) TBD
Walters Sports Bar Clever Trivia Name (445) Chik Fil Atio (422) That Tickles (368) TBD
DC Reynolds Thugrats (888) Trivia Newton John (526) Thugrats (312) TBD
Siné Irish Pub Blue Meanies (1481) Wolverines!!! (605) Blue Meanies (1189) TBD
Oz - - Baby Einsteins (298) TBD