Who are the semi-finalists?

The NBC Sports Washington Trivia Challenge is held twice during course of the calendar year: once in the summer (April-August) and once in the winter (October-February). For each month during the tournament the team with the highest total cumulative score at each venue is crowned the monthly semi-finalist for that venue. A designated week in September and March is semi-finals week for the summer and winter tournaments (updated here). The semi-finalists will face-off during this week at their normal trivia venue, with the winning team advancing as a finalist. All venues are eligible for the $5000 grand prize and finals!

The Summer 2018 Semi-Finalists:

Venue April May June July August
Agua 301 We Want Our $10 Back (Plus Interest) (687) Butts Butts Butts (1242) We Want Our $10 Back (Plus Interest) (876) TBD TBD
ATR (Bethesda) Terps/Trivia Nomads (943) Cinnamon Cookies (713) Dick Cheney's Hunting Club (435) TBD TBD
Austin Grill - - Winning Ticket (207) TBD TBD
Bar Roubaix - - Method One Clinic (578) TBD TBD
Bier Baron (Monday) Can You Spell That? (1088) Mediocrity In Numbers (1057) EE Army (1004) TBD TBD
Church Hall Swipe Right (509) Karen from Finance (630) Shrek's Dank Kush (456) TBD TBD
Crafthouse (ARL MON) Hot for Tots (1122) Balder the Brave Bear (732) #IAmSmallCaps (440) TBD TBD
Franklin Hall Method One Clinic (1151) PSL Basic Bitches (1109) Tequila Mockingbird (1025) TBD TBD
Hen Quarter (Penn Quarter) Go Blue! (1022) Go Blue! (1042) Space Monkey Mafia (832) TBD TBD
Highline RxR Porn and Fashion (1037) Porn and Fashion (1061) Is This Your Homework, Larry (829) TBD TBD
James Hoban's I Like That (845) I Like That (863) Jewne on Washington (263) - -
Looney's Pub (Monday) Swamp Donkeys (1114) Swamp Donkeys (1270) Premature Eruption (867) TBD TBD
Lost & Found Nobody Beats The Wiz!! (542) Erotic Taxidermy (643) Nobody Beats The Wiz (762) TBD TBD
Ragtime Pour Quality (812) Carpe Beerum (450) The Pros From Dover (721) TBD TBD
World of Beer (RVILL MON) SMRT (1215) SMRT (1403) The Eclectics (1130) TBD TBD
All Set Wawa Land (1062) Raising the Bar (945) Always Bet On Black (672) TBD TBD
The Avenue - - - TBD TBD
Boundary Stone Cats in Space (693) Cats in Space (1194) Cats in Space (982) TBD TBD
Caddie's on Cordell - Rhombus #5 (999) Rhombus #5 (1127) TBD TBD
Crafthouse (ARL TUE) Ballston Boozers (879) Brain Games With McCain (1116) Brain Games With McCain (723) TBD TBD
Crafthouse Fairfax Don't Quiz On My Face (1159) Don't Quiz On My Face (1351) Don't Quiz On My Face (1084) TBD TBD
Crafthouse Reston Sorry We're Late Again (950) Sorry We're Late Again (1208) Poor Choices (984) TBD TBD
Exiles Bar The Straddlers (661) The Straddlers (987) The Vanjies (1085) TBD TBD
Froggy Bottom Pub Schmuckleberry Finn (1172) Schmuck Rogers (1500) TBD TBD TBD
HalfSmoke Everything Is Awful (1086) Everything Is Awful (1112) Schmuck and Cover (1288) TBD TBD
Justin's Cafe Here For The Beer (950) Here For The Beer (885) Here For The Beer (1020) TBD TBD
Lou's City Bar The Occularists (1222) The Occularists (1487) The Occularists (1217) TBD TBD
Mad Fox (Falls Church) Pink Flamingos (1028) Pink Flamingos (1177) Pink Flamingos (1049) TBD TBD
Maddy's Tap Room Mueller Ain't Going Away (278) El Derecho (510) El Derecho (436) TBD TBD
Mister Days (Tuesday) Porn and Fashion (1160) Porn and Fashion (893) Porn and Fashion (1190 ) TBD TBD
Moreland's Tavern Radioactive (776) Radioactive (890) Radioactive (684) TBD TBD
Penn Social GNO (1199) GNO (996) GNO (913) TBD TBD
Pizzeria Paradiso - - -) TBD TBD
Public Bar Hold My Beer (695) Hold My Beer (943) Hold My Beer (1096) TBD TBD
Rhodeside Grill Snatch Posse (1273) Third Round Tailspin (1212) Third Round Tailspin (1193) TBD TBD
Southern Hospitality Crystal Methodists (595) Crystal Methodists (983) Crystal Methodists (898) - -
World of Beer (Ashburn) Toys Was Us (878) Avoiding Children (1096) The Hooker Union (1180) TBD TBD
World of Beer (Bethesda TUE) Work Hard Twerk Hard (1177) Trivia Bear (1442) Work Hard Twerk Hard (1203) TBD TBD
World of Beer (C'Ville) Scott's Tots (1045) Miss Vanjie (1212) We Changes Our Team Name and All We Got Was This Dick Joke (1090) TBD TBD
Bier Baron (Wednesday) We Apologize In Advance (1004) Porn and Fashion (1307) Just The Tip (683) TBD TBD
The Big Stick Put Jeff Bezos On A Forever Stamp (1186) Fain-Vengers, Nickfinity War (998) Colors That End in -Urple (1078) TBD TBD
Brass Tap Sea Nettles (318) Sea Nettles (616) Sea Nettles (480) TBD TBD
Brickside Quiet Please! (1057) Quiet Please (736) Want to See A Dead Body? (511) TBD TBD
Buffalo Billiards Mothers Against Road Head (980) Butter My Butt (1044) Michael Cohen's Other Clients (1076) TBD TBD
Courthaus Social Thirst Amendment Rights (1122) Mike Has Hairy Hobbit Feet (1136) Wine... Win With an E (1039) TBD TBD
Craft of Brewing - - - TBD TBD
Dock FC Fat Kids Don't Get Kidnapped (423) Next Week's Winners (417) Fat Kids Don't Get Kidnapped (377) TBD TBD
Homestead License to Teach (599) License to Teach (464) Everyone Is Late (775) TBD TBD
Irish Channel Crying Ourselves Horse (1076) Sheepskates (1288) Show Me The Monkey! (1044) TBD TBD
Looney's Pub (Wednesday) Fellatio Del Toro (768) Looneytics (739) Bangers & Mash (759) TBD TBD
Meridian Pint You Don't Know Lynn Ryan (1169) Ruppert Mundys (517) Ruppert Mundys (990) TBD TBD
O'Faolain's Dominos (770) Dominos (602) - - -
O'Sullivan's (Clarendon) The AmBadAssadors (1053) The AmBadAssadors (1273) One Flew Over Lukaku's Nest (1002) TBD TBD
P.J. Mulligan's Good News Bears (954) Younger Budweiser (1002) Younger Budweiser (945) TBD TBD
The Prospect / Provision No. 14 Schmuck Tales (1157) Smooth Criminals (446) Smooth Criminals (875) TBD TBD
Smoke & Barrel - Peace Out (575) Google That Shit! (736) TBD TBD
St. Arnold's (Cleveland Park) Sitting On a Thousand Dollars (1204) This Is Horseshit (1555) Can We Focus (1009) TBD TBD
William Jeffrey's Tavern Team Fact or Fiction (1060) Team Fact of Fiction (648) Pay Slayjack (410) TBD TBD
World of Beer (Rockville WED) With One Brain Tied Behind Our Back (1265) THOSE Neighbors (1369) With One Brain (1094) TBD TBD
ATR (Reston) The Vapors (1220) The Vapors (1354) Better Call Paul (636) TBD TBD
Arcuri Riverboat Ron Triviera (927) Trenton Shuffle (1016) Trenton Shuffle (759) TBD TBD
Blue Iguana Cat Wranglers (1089) Cat Wranglers (1252) Cat Wranglers (904) TBD TBD
The Board and Brew Pancake Pirates (924) Pancake Pirates (1326) Pancake PIrates (971) TBD TBD
Falls Church Distillers Brewin Bitches (999) Proper Villains (1622) Purple Gecko (304) TBD TBD
Hen Quarter (Alexandria) - - - TBD TBD
Iron Horse Tap Room Ethel The Ardvark Goes Quantity Surveying (484) 3rd Place (381) We're Just Here For Eliot (560) TBD TBD
Maddy's Bar & Grille Scott Pruit's Landlord (841) Mueller, Mueller, Mueller (474) No Reservations Required (543) TBD TBD
Mister Days (Thursday) Oh My Virgin Ears! (758) Right In The Cheaky Hole (736) The Ovi-Abundance of Diggities (790) TBD TBD
Roofers Union State of the Roofers Union (946) Beer Brain Barrier (1033) Beer Brain Barrier (676) TBD TBD
Rustico - - - TBD TBD
Bar Elena Dmitri Is Late (532) Which Hunt? (787) Which Hunt? (699) TBD TBD
City Tap House Beer Cheese Brigade (495) Third Coast, Best Coast (794) Doggy Boys (361) TBD TBD
D.C. Reynolds The Cat Ladies (700) Unfriendly Neighbors (902) Gin & Juche (756) TBD TBD
EatBar - - American Carnage (213) TBD TBD
Siné Irish Pub Wolverines!!! (977) Blue Meanies (1463) Wolverines!!! (1339) TBD TBD
World of Beer (Bethesda SUN) Proper Villains (1193) Work Hard Twerk Hard (1222) Work Hard Twerk Hard (602) TBD TBD